Philae Theatrum is the amateur theatre company of the Egyptian Museum of Barcelona


Since its inception, the Clos Archaeological Foundation-Egyptian Museum of Barcelona has become a benchmark in Spain for the dissemination of the culture and art of the ancients, in particular those of ancient Egypt. This has not always been achieved through museum-based and educational means. A ludic approach has also played a distinguished role, an approach that has been closely associated with the passionate world of the performing arts. With this intention in mind, the Philae Teatrum amateur theatre company was created in 1997. This is a unique and different initiative that represents an original and amenable way of spreading knowledge of pharaonic civilization through montages inspired by ancient Egypt or notable events in egyptology.


Through suggestive and attractive yet historically accurate staging, a wide range of possibilities that combine ludic, teaching and artistic aspects have been achieved: dramatised and audiovisual readings,  plays and contemporary dance, among others.  Since its inception, Philae Theatrum has brought together people who, apart from their interest in acting, share an admiration of, and enthusiasm for, pharaonic civilization. The work, effort and consistency of members of this theatre group have made a number of theatre productions possible, some with the collaboration of the Compañía Teatral Eskakeig and Friends of the Club of the Egyptian Museum of Barcelona.


Jordi Garcés (Barcelona, 1971). Artistic director and author of the works. His contribution to theatre with the background of ancient Egypt came in 1997, with his adaptation of the classic Philae Sound and Light Show, which was originally set on the island of the same name in front of the Temple of Isis. Following the success of this dramatised reading, Garcés decided to write El Sueño del Sol (the Dream of the Sun), which was performed on a number of occasions. This was the start of the Garcés’ Egyptian tetralogy, which consisted of this play, Senenmut, the Shadow of Ra; Decauville: Howard and the Rediscovered Pharaoh; and Philae, the End of Light.